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Who we are

MTStone Carrara is an italian company which deals in italian and foregin Marbles. We specialize in lightening, in technological items. We also work on the projects and design with proper mesurements.

Coloured, Bright, Lite, Precious are works of art “MARBLE PANELS” / “GLASS ONYX” are alternative safe and unique which enhance the beauty of natural stone.

Lite, Thin, Composite and sometimes translucent “LIGHTENED MARBLE PANEL” / ONYX are the combination with the structural elements Honeycomb, Aluconb etc. Their litness allows it to use in various shapes and size in all sectors.

Lite as leaves “ULTRA THIN MARBLE / ONYX PANELS” are the essence of pure natural stone 3/5 mm of total thickness. Their characteristics make them perfect icon of brand inspirred by the continious desire to satisfy the creativity of designers in search of new technology.

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Renzo Frittoli, Arch & Technical
MTStone Carrara Srl
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Phone No: +39 0585 489446